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Where Am I Right Now - shows your current location on maps and allows you to share what address, street name, suburb, county, town, city, state, country you are in, what mile marker you are at, nearby landmarks, hotels, gas station, hospital, stores, malls etc. This site is very useful to instantly know your current location and surrounding details on HERE or Google maps.

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How to Share Your Current Location?

Sharing your current location with someone may be helpful for personal security reasons, information purposes, know your whereabouts when you are on traveling or letting your employers know your current location. Sharing your live location using Where Am I Right Now is easy. Load the site in your web browser, and use the buttons to share your location on Messenger, WhatsApp or Facebook; or copy the link above the estimated address of your location and share it via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and/or Email.

How it Works?

A browser's HTML5 Geolocation feature along with the Maps JavaScript API is used in our "Where Am I Right Now" website to find your current location on a map. The latitude and longitude values are used in this API to fetch the details of your current location from HERE or Google maps.

If you are accessing this website using a desktop computer with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, the Geolocation API uses the network routing addresses to estimate your current location. When you are accessing this website using your smart phone (iPhone or Android mobile), the Geolocation API uses the internal GPS device to find your current location on map and give you detailed information: your public IP address, full location address, town, suburb, city, country, district, state, county, zip code, timezone, sunrise, sunset, map coordinates and GPS coordinates. To know the nearby landmarks, hotels, motels, restaurants, parks, hospital, schools, stores, gas stations, malls, building, apartment, mile marker etc., please refer to the map. Your current location shown on this map is not the exact location, it's an estimated result of your location. The returned information for your location address shows how accurate the details of your current location are.

Major Uses

In contrast to other location sharing services, Where Am I Right Now includes the time with geo-location details. When you are sharing your location, the time will also be shared along with your geo location. It is a very useful location sharing service which never track your location or personal information. Below are situations where the service Where Am I Right Now is very useful.

Current Location Reporting

You can share your location details by copying and sharing the link over SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger and Email to report your current location and time details to your boss.

Kid's Security

If you are a parent, in certain situations you can effectively use Where Am I Right Now services to know your kid’s current location versus time for security reasons. As a parent you can set this website as a browser’s homepage of your kid’s mobile device or ask them to visit and share the location URL to get to know of your kid’s current location.

Location and Nearby Landmark Identification

It is very useful when you are in the places which is unfamiliar to you. The service can be effectively used to know about the street name, road name, building name, surrounding places and nearby landmarks of your current location on maps. You can use these details to let anyone to know your whereabouts when required for information purpose. When you are accessing the website, Where Am I right Now automatically detect your current location, its surrounding places and nearby landmarks on Apple or Google maps. You can pinch-in or pinch-out your device’s screen to know your current location, its surrounding places and nearby landmarks.

Taking Time and Location Note

When visiting different travel destinations, you can access this website, copy the location URL and save it as a personal note, along with your photographs and videos.

Cartesian to Polar Coordinates for GPS Location Tagging

Know the latitude and longitude of your current location in degrees. The cartesian to polar coordinates conversion find the degree values of your current location. The equivalent degree values of latitude and longitude can be used in the satellite based GPS devices such as Tom Tom and Garmin GPS devices.

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