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Wrong Location Detected?

Be Patient, HTML 5 Geolocation usually find the fastest way to determine your location. Meanwhile, the GPS really takes time. (could be one minutes, or even more).But dont worry, your maps will be refined automatically. it just may takes time.

If you are using smartphone or tablet, please make sure to turn on your GPS. But if your GPS is turned on, and you still dont have any accurate position in 2 minutes, try refresh our pages.

Oh, and again, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, it will prompt out a permission for you like this

mozilla permission gps

If it is so, please make sure to click allow 🙂 . If it is not shown by Firefox, and you don’t have any data available, try to refresh our page


  1. I am using my computer to connect to the internet thru an Iphone Hotspot. My location on the Iphone is correctly shown in Georgia. On the HP computer it repeatedly shows in Birmingham, AL.

  2. Wtf is happening

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