thanks for visiting Where Am I Right Now, a site dedicated to help anyone who might lost in this planet. It’s been more than 8 months since we first release the first site, and now, We release the spanish language version.

If you are Spanish, both in Spain, or in Latin America, now we have Dónde Estoy Ahorita . I hope the rank will come up soon, so everyone who use Spanish, and Googling for “Dónde Estoy Ahorita”  will end up in our site easily.

Now, we too are working to add several more translation, especially for the one which had many speaker. Next release will be in Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia (lokasisaya).

We currently also experimenting in some other Google Maps related thing. Such like Finding Coordinate location of a maps, showing position on maps given coordinate, and some more. We put our experimental on Google Maps related project on http://mycurrentlocation.net . Please feel free to learn at there, since all code are written in Javascript.

We also fixing in our other projects, on Places Near Me, and Hotels Near Me, we are moving some of our API to use Google Places API. Hope it will be finished soon.

Thanks, and no more get lost 🙂

Toni Tegar Sahidi, Indonesia