Our previous version of Share Location was actually based only only to be shared on facebook. Which mean, that you can click that url, then you will be directed to be shared on facebook.


Analyzing that this website has dominant mobile users, and sometimes all of you just want to share your current location through Whatsapp, or Message, or maybe just place it under the

That’s why, now we put a new feature in which you may share your location easily. As easy as share a short link. Using Google Shortener API, we automatically that process.

How To Use?

Now, when you open the website, there will be a button in the infowindow. Just click it, and you’ll be redirected to next pages contain the share page.


There you’ll be viewed with a link, just share that short url anywhere you want to share your location to, then they will be able to see your location as easy as visiting a site. You may share that URL also on facebook so that your facebook friend also know your current location.


What even easier is that click that Copy to Clipboard button, the URL is automatically copied to your clipboard. No need to press Ctrl-C. Just paste it  anywhere and you’ll get your URL anywhere.

I know, I know, you might called the button ugly. I realize that also. However we still not yet decide what color and icon should be used in that button. Do you have any suggestion? please comment.

Warm Regards,
Toni Tegar Sahidi, Indonesia